Thursday, November 6, 2008

Petit Plat

Look how cute these are! I found this designer on Etsy (of course) when I was searching for things for my Daughters Blythe Doll.
Her Etsy name is PetitPlat and she makes all of this mini food by hand!! Can you believe the detail in these miniatures?

I will be buying some things from her shop in the next couple of days for sure, as soon as my Daughter can decide which she likes best! :)

Here is a bit on her bio:

I'm Stephanie. I'm an architecture student, but apparently not busy enough so making miniature food as a hobby!I live near Paris, in Savigny le Temple and study in Paris, so I'm a day traveler.
Every item I do is made with much patience and time. I try to make each the more realistic I can. I love eating and that's why probably I love doing food miniatures. I also try to keep the prices as low as I can, so if you think they're just too expensive, remember that each one is made by me only and that I try to put the most details I can in the little pieces! And I design everything myself. :)


  1. YUMMMMMMM! I want to bite those donuts and that sandwich!!! haha
    those are earing right? I see the findings(??)
    I guess they could be for dollhouse depending on how big or little your house is???
    whatever... such detail & patience!!
    Great Find!