Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tempe Dance Academy Recital

Tickets are on sale for the Tempe Dance Academy Recital on June 20th. Tori is in 4 dances and Christian in 1 hip hop dance!! We are so excited since this will be the first time they are in it. Up until now we have only come to watch and these kids are freakin' awesome dancers that go to TDA!
Tickets are 14.00 and you can buy them here. Christian and Tori each have 1 dance in the 2:30 show and Tori will have 3 more dances in the 7:30 show.
We would love for everyone to come and see the kids....not only them but we know you will enjoy the show period! It's such a treat to see a group of talented kids like these!

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