Thursday, April 16, 2009

Poor Baby!

I got a call from the school nurse today and she told me Tori got hit in the head with a Base Ball Bat! OMG! I almost freaked on the phone and asked her a bazillion questions...I told her to put Tori on the phone. I spoke with her briefly and asked how hard she was hit, if it hurt, was it a big bump, etc. I raced over to the school going about 75 on the freeway! (this is fast for me, prob too fast) Got there in what seemed like 6 minutes which is next to impossible....

I see her emerge from the nurses station with a giant knot on her head! Poor little thing. She looked as if she was crying.
We talked for a moment and I was given a piece of paper from the nurse. It had a list of many symptoms to look for that would be signs of head trauma problems...yeah, like this is what I want to think about after hearing about the whole Natsasha Richardson case! That was all I needed...More Stress!

We talked all the way home and I stressed to her how important it was for her to let me know if she had ANY of these symptoms in the slightest way.
I called our pediatrician and they said I could bring her in if I wanted but it wasn't necessary, I called Patti's Dr. and also talked to her, she gave me some comforting news...she also told me that she would be fine. Then last but not least Tori's chiropractor told me he checked her out, looked at her eyes, to not give her asprin for 48 hrs, and watch her every two hours tonight as she sleeps.

So I got three opinions about this mess and I am still stressed. It's so horrible that any head injury big or small could be life threatening and you would never know!!

The biggest dissappointment to her today was that Evan saw her cry on the field after being hit. He asked her if she was ok....what a nice boy. Atleast he cared enough to ask her that. He is the boy in her class that she talks with, eats lunch with and plays with....too funny! Crush you ask? Yes....her first BIG crush and what do you know? He is crushin' too!

Sleep tight Baby Girl, Mama Loves you!


  1. Poor Tori, I saw her picture on her blog. I can't believe it. Hope she is doing better.

  2. So scary. I hope she is doing better! You did a good job getting a second opinion! :)