Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Little WITCHES!!

I have come to see that starting VERY young little girls can be huge little Bitches!

I say this from experience but also since my 4th grader likes a boy and he likes her too. Another little girl hates her for that! He of course likes Tori alot..they eat together, play, sit right next to each other, talk, and spend lots of time together and this is why the little girl wants Tori outta the picture.

Her and another girl wrote a VERY nasty letter about Tori to some other girls in class and the teacher found it. She called Tori about 100 names in the letter and when the teacher held it up in class and asked who it belonged to, of course, noone of course raised their hands.....Well, good old Mrs. Tayrien knows what's going on says "Ok, well I am running to the copier to make copies, you will take them home to your parents to sign and return back to me!"

I would have been sooo in trouble for doing this back when I was in school. Good for the teacher though.

Well, hopefully the little girl will learn from this and be nicer to Tori.. Yeah right! Tori comes home daily with nonsense this little girl does daily. She will be sooo happy in 4 weeks when school is out to not have to deal with her crap!

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