Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Good Times~

Out to lunch with Mommy, Mom, and Richard.
He loves these hats! Maybe he will be a chef and make Mama some wonderful meals!
Cheese! I love this little guy. Besos Baby.
He is so proud of the creation on his plate! hehe
We made a creation with Christian's food today at lunch!

A small ship with sails, Pancake Island, syrup sea, lettuce treasure on land, and french fry sailor.....What an imagination hu? We had fun!

We had an awesome time hanging out with Mom and Richard! We need to do that more often. Thrift store shopping with the Senior citizen discount was the best!

Richard cracks me up. He has some of the most hilarious stories around, and he got a bit emotional today telling me a sweet story about his older brother. He had polio and had braces on his legs. All of the kids made fun of him and Richard used to get in fights with the kids weekly just to defend his brother who was 2 years older than Richard.

He took his brother around in a wagon everywhere they went and they played on the farm they grew up on like there was no tomorrow. I could picture them down at the river, in the barn or just being at school.

He loved his brother and said he was the best kid ever! Sweet, kind and had the best personality.

He got teary eyed just talking about him. I hope Richard's brother knows how much he cared for him. It was sweet.....

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