Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I have been thinking alot about the family that recently lost their little Daughter Cora. We at Etsy all got together to make stuff and donate in her honor. I will continue to do this in the months to come. I feel any little bit I can contribute is helping.
So far we have raised over $16,000 for a playground that will be built at the church in honor of Baby Cora.
It seems nice enough that other children will be able to play on that playground for years to come but not her? It makes me so sad. The pain that family is going through must be unbearable, and saddens me very much. But she is in heaven with the Angel's now and feels no pain.
Read the story here

So kiss your babies and remember how special they are each and every day!

On the day when Cora was born,
On the day when Cora was born,
On the day when Cora was born,
The angels sang, they blew on their horns,
And they danced, they danced.
They smiled and raised up their hands,
On the day, on the day,
When Cora was born.


  1. I'm holding Clemmie in my arms right now, so thankful to be able to do that. I'm gonna go hold Ethan now, give him kisses. When Sebbie gets in the car I'm gonna do the same to him.

    I couldn't help but cry. Intensely.

    And the song???

    My heart is aching.

  2. I am so sad after reading this story. I had seen the button on your blog, but did'nt know what it was. I am thankful for the health of my babies and I will pray for the family of Baby Cora. It is awesome what you and all of the Etsy sellers are doing to support Cora's Playground. You must be proud!