Thursday, January 29, 2009


I came across these awesome designers on Etsy again! Gotta love their designs, they makes our pooches stand out in a crowd! The designs are colorful, urban, and definately chic. The styles are to die for!
Go check them out for yourself and a bit about the designers below~
NurdBunny Inc. is the invention of artist Heather Zayne and master seamstress Katy Mozal-Rohn. Born from the obsession over their own pups, they continue to manifest the most creatively inspired pet couture. Heather's pugs "Stewie" & "Lucy" and Katy's boston/pug (bug) "Max", want to share their edgy urban wardrobe with the world! At NurdBunny, our pieces are not mass-produced 'elsewhere'. All elements used in our designs are created in-house and never purchased off the shelf. So due to the incredible artistry and workmanship that goes into every piece of clothing, we create only the highly desirable, yet limited amounts. Our collection includes hand silk-screened designs (non-toxic water based ink) and hand dyed fabrics. We've also give customers a chance to personalize some of our items with their pet's name imprinted into the design!

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