Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Ive been tagged by candysticklane to reveal 7 secrets about me. So, here goes! Thanks much for choosing me!

1. I drink way too much iced tea!

2. I loathe SpongeBob Square Pants. (I know I will get heat from Krista for this!) He just gets on my nerves.

3. I have a best friend who we are competitors in every way and we met online.

4. I love the smell of my Husbands breath after he has been drinking a beer!

5. I hate cats. VERY allergic!

6. I own over 200 different fabrics

7. I collect Christmas ornaments from Hallmark. I have so many I would never need another for as long as I live!!

Ok, so now I am tagging a few:

Bella Gigi
Autumn Leah

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