Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Exciting News!

The girls have been asked to be apart of a NEW tween/teen magazine. The launch is for the July 1st and the theme will be {Back to School!}

Mirella will have a 1/2 page advice column where she will hopefully help young girls out with their problems or concerns. Mirella already get's 1,000's of emails weekly from Youtube and so now she will carry it on to the magazine!

They will also both have a product review page of products they like and dislike too. Full pages for the both of them and they will have about 6 product reviews per page.

So if you are a company who has a product you would like either of the girls to review, please comment or email me for more info on where you can send your product! We will give a link to your product and where to buy it in the magazine and a small write up about what the girls thought of your product also! Please include all info in your email.
We are super excited and we will keep you posted on when the mag makes it's debut!

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