Friday, February 5, 2010

NEW Scrapbook For Tori~~

1st TV appearance on The Tyra Banks show! She kept everything. Airline tickets, scripts for the show, ticket stub to the Empire States Building and her own personal photos.

Her very first headshot!

Mimi's cafe and 1st audition ever! She kept her itinerary, her name she had to hold in front of herself as she auditioned and more personal photos of her time in LA.

Her shooting the Mimi's Cafe Commercial. She kept a receipt from McDonalds to remember what she ate? Funny cause it's sort of like a treat for the kids to eat there. I usually don't allow McD's at all. Her cabbie receipt! And also a copy of her 1st paycheck! Woo-hoo Tori! More personal photos with the director, the actual Mimi's Cafe, her family, and wardrobing! It was so fun for her. :)

Copy of a script from "Sports Shrink" a pilot series that she auditioned for she actually did the audition on video via email. She draws on her scripts so she remembers her moods better for that scene.

Another script from the show "Romantically Challenged" it's series coming soon to CBS. Her 1st time having Pinkberry yogurt, also her schedule for the audition, and her photo in front of the CBS building! Her NEWest headshot at the bottom. She has 3 total for now and we are so excited to take even more!

More pages for all of her upcoming roles....
I am keeping a log of EVERYTHING.
My Mom's idea for Tori to have a memory of all of the roles she has tried out for. Whether she gets the role or not, it is an experience and an opportunity most of us will never get to experience.

I tell her to hold her head high, to have confidence and God will show her the way! He has something in store for her that even we don't know about!

I tell her she will fall 100 times before she may actually land a role.

"It's Hollywood baby!"

That is exactly what I tell her and she has the MOST fabulous attitude about it all the time!!

It's just who she is! It's Tori!

Right now she has a total of 12 things she has been submitted for. We will cross our fingers for the callbacks and the rest is up to God! We are truly thankful for finding Brandon her manager at the perfect time! He likes the kids alot and I know he is scouring his database for work ALL the time!! Love you Brandon!

The Gardener produced by Chris Weitz from New Moon
Nickelodeon Series Extra
Body double for Bailee Madison for Pretend Wife movie.

Just 2 that I thought would be super cool for her!!

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  1. Very cute scrapbook, it's awesome that she keeps everything. These will be great memories for her.