Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tori's Birthday planning is in progress!

Well it has been 4-EVER since I have posted a blog. So while this is fresh in my mind I have to write a little blurb about it.
Everyone knows how much I love to plan my kids birthday parties! Ever since Mirella was a baby, I have went WAY over the top. I am going to start the same trend my friend Neisha did and post the kiddies parties since age one! (as soon as my scanner is up)
Photos, memories and all! What a great idea. So mine is coming soon!
Anyway, back to my story. Tori's 11th birthday! TWILIGHT of course, and what perfect timing since New Moon is coming out just 4 days after her special day!
Tons of ideas are swarming my head! Then I am getting help from Neisha too since she has the best little ideas! With the combination of both our heads in this project, Tori's birthday party should be fantastic!
Stay tuned!

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