Wednesday, September 2, 2009

MY Kids On the TYRA SHOW!

So, you all know the story already about my kids being on the Tyra Banks Show right?? :)

Well, the kids were discovered by The Tyra Banks Show on Youtube doing there Thriller dance!! OMG!! We were shocked. All of the kids do Youtube videos for fun and the kids had only practiced the dance 10 times! lol

Well, we flew out to New York last week to tape the show, which will air on Monday the 7th which is also Labor Day! It will be the kick off of her new season 5 and she also just switched to the CW network! Channel 6 or 61.

Bow Wow is performing and Youtube Stars!

Please mark your calenders and set your Tivo's or DVR's to record if you would like to see them perform! It will be so cute!

Thanks to everyone who helped the kids, prayed, and gave them your support...we really appreciate all of your love and had soo much fun dancing with you!

Please forward this to other friends and family who I may not have mentioned this to. Thanks much!

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