Monday, August 10, 2009

First Day Of School!

In order they were taken! Tori and Christian go to school first, then Mirella. Christian's first day of Kindergarten! No more babies at home with me. :(

Miss Tori

Lookin' cute with new clothes and new backpack!

Together~His eyes are so sensitive to the light! lol

Christian is a BIG BOY! Kindergarten.
Better! We came inside and now he can see!

Smile! Cheese!

We had to park around the corner from the school, it was very packed.

Tori saw her BFF for the first time Anamarie.

In the crowd! Scoping out her new buddies!

One last smile for Mama, now to walk CB to his line!

Daddy and his boy. I love this picture. :)

A goodbye kiss from Dad (grandpa)


Dad said we had to get in the pictures too!
He will love these when he is older! I agree.

Daddy and Christian one last hug.

Showing off his cool lunch box.

Hmmm...maybe I should have gotten a Spiderman one?!

Bye my baby! Oops! I mean Big Boy! Mama loves you!
(almost gonna cry as I type this) :)

Have fun!
I got one last shot of him already in circle time on the floor! The teacher shut the door on me!

Mirella! Big girl. A Junior in High School now! She looks adorable with her new duds and new Betsy bag!

See my cute bag??

Her and Sam walking away to the campus! Have a great day babies! I love you all. See you later after school. Be good!


  1. LOVE the photos they are so adorable. I always cry the first day of school.. maybe part of it joy because you now have a few hours to yourself! :) YEAH!!

  2. Great pics! I love the one of Mirella and Sam. They're so cute.