Thursday, July 16, 2009


So the kiddies started dance again! We are very excited for the new year starting in August. For now, these are Summer classes to keep them in shape and moving! Christian LOVES it and asks everyday if it's his turn to dance.

Tori is taking 3 classes 2x's a week and Christian is taking 2 classes 2x's a week.

2 Jazz, Acro, 2 Hip Hop and Hot Tots.

Wanda says Christian is doing great and they even have a little partner for him already! She is almost 5 and Just his size! I am going to try to take photos of them today and I will post more later! She is adorably cute!

Tori dances for 3 hours straight.....she loves it and will continue this way in the fall (Aug 10th) when I think we are bumping her up to unlimited classes! That will be interesting since I drive down there everyday of the week now! :) It will be better though since I can also leave her there for a few hours at a time!

I will hopefully post pics later! Bye!

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