Monday, June 22, 2009

Miss TORI~ Recital TDA

Rehersals just hanging out!

Viewing the was kinda boring at times.

Her jazz number was soo cute!

In the car at Walmart 8:00a.m. We needed snacks and last minute things, the Walmart on Gilbert Rd. Is soo nice.


Rehersals for her ballet number...this little outfit is so cute.

After they ran their number...taking notes from the teacher so they will do better for the show.

Ending of the dance.

Her Acro outfit. So cute! Wake Up Little Suzy was the number.

At rehersals hanging with her dance buddies.

Some of the hip-hop group.

At Auntie Krista's eating a small lunch before the show. Neisha had already done her makeup for the show and she couldn't keep her eyes off herself all afternoon! She has Never worn so much makeup and thought it was the coolest thing!! Thanks so much Neisha for taking time outta your busy day to do this for Tori!

Miss Wendy her Jazz Teacher after the show!

In front of Higley Center For Performing Arts.

Doing some stretches right before the last show. She got her splits and now has to be doing them all of the time. It will only make her better but wow!!

My two little dancers! Oh so cute!

Mom and Tori

Kassie and Tori after the show.


  1. Awesome pictures! Tori did amazing. She was so cute and showy. BTW, she has a very limber back. That will help her so much for Acro. Her ballet was beautiful and her hip hop was awesome! Great job Tori!!! And you are very welcome on the make-up. It was my pleasure, really. : ) I hope you don't mind if I steal the picture of Kai and Tori for my blog. I was a bad mom and forgot mine at home on the charger.

  2. So cute I am so glad you switched studios! She is going to the best studio:)Both Tori and Christian did awesome!!!!!!