Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fun Fun!!! Zoo and Aquarium

At breakfast before we got to the zoo/aquarium.
Albino Kangaroo-they were running around right by us, nothing holding them back! It was so cool.

Baby turtles like Od's. He loved them!
I swear this turtle was following him, he really liked Christian. I said he liked the bling on his hat! He must be a Boston fan like us. lol

Sky ride with Gramma Dee!
Christian on his first sky ride with Daddy!
Having a cookie for a snack.... It was such a nice day this past Sunday, so glad we went.
Feeding Giraffes...
Touching the Starfish. He also touched lots of other small sea animals.
This huge snapping turtle was about 80 years old.

Upside down Jellyfish

Penguins swimming and standing around.
She is inside the tank!!! Hold your breath! lol
By the friendly alligator! lol
Turtles this time, so cute...there were about 50 in this tank.

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