Saturday, June 13, 2009


Here is the Abby Grace picture frame. These are $25 cute!

And the medium Abby Grace bow for $18!!

This is the Large Abby Grace bow for $20...

What a cutie right?
She is having some pretty serious medical issues that may require brain surgery of some sort. This a very scary time for her family. Please pray for a miracle on Abby Grace's behalf..
Here is how you can help....~Please go to Abby's Prayer Blog and copy her picture.
~post the picture and the blog info on your blog so we can get as many people as possible to pray for Abby Grace
~ask others who visit your blog to post it on their blog! Let's get the word out and ask people to pray!!
The Abby Grace Collection! Buy a bow (or frame), and support this family!! Aren't these just snazzy?! They are even cuter in person! To place an order for any of these products you can e-mail RACHEL at or AMBER at frillyflops&

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