Sunday, June 28, 2009

Birthday!!! Planning.....

So, Tori decided today that she wants a *Twilight* inspired birthday party! Her birthday falls 4 days before the NEW MOON opening. We have been thinking about this for awhile. It will end with a late sleepover with her friends.
I have enough time for planning if I start now, since my parties always go WAY over budget! (sorry Gil)
We were researching and brainstorming our ideas this morning and I am uber excited! Of course we will have apples everywhere, red candles, black and red balloons and maybe even do a bobbing for apples game! It's around Halloween and all!
Neisha had some cool ideas on her blog awhile back and we may use some but incorporate others as well. We can't wait! So if you hae any ideas of your own, please comment to hear what you have to offer. :)

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