Tuesday, June 2, 2009

6 Unimportant Things That Make Me Happy

I have been TAGGED by Neisha at Confessions Of A Blogoholic.

~The rules: List Six Unimportant Things that Make you Happy.

Mention and link to the person who tagged you. Then tag six of your favorite bloggers to play along, and comment on their blog to let them know they've been tagged. Here are my six things that make me happy. :)

1. Tivo
Wow! Where do I start? I have had it for years and do not like watching regular TV now since I can't pause it at my convenience. Even Christian thinks every TV is made like mine. He cries if we have to leave and he can't record it....

2. Etsy
It has the coolest things ever on this site! All handmade~I honestly can spend hours a day drooling over the endless handmade products made by normal everyday people like me! This site shows that there is sooo much talent in the world and if you just use your imagination a bit, ANYONE can make money!

3. Iced Tea
I wonder what I would drink if Iced Tea were not invented. It's the best! I know, I know, you all know this but....I guess I would only drink water otherwise since I really only ever drink Pepsi when I go to my Sister Anna's house. (It calls my name from the fridge when I enter her house!) But good thing is that I am down to 3 sugar packets in my Huge iced tea..Goal? None. Almost there. :)

Haha! Isn't this a sad one to most? Not me...I see endless possiblities when I enter this store and spend WAY to much money here. But again, the good thing is that I am making money from my investments here. It makes me happy to get new fabrics (like I need any) and to visualize what they will become once I get home. Painting, yarn, garden gnomes, stationary, plants, thread, sewing machines, stools, picnic baskets, candy....what doies this place not have you ask? I know! Bottled Water!

5. Shopping
I love to shop. It can be for anything. Going to Nordstrom, Target or even Costco. I love buying stuff we need, being out and about and having fun while doing it.

6. Blogging
I love browsing, posting, I love it all! It's fun who you can come across in the world. Who you may meet via blog comments.
Where was blogging when I needed it the most? Hmmm about 10 years ago? I wrote in journals and documented my entire life day by day. I still have those journals, and maybe one day my kids will read them (when I am dead)...but for now they have my blog...along with millions of others who wish to peek!

So these are my unimportant things I truly COULD live without if you make me!!!

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