Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial hang out at Anna and Alan's

All 3 cousins had a blast this day, water guns, floating devices, big huge green ball that Alan blew up! Now that was funny!

Mom and Anna lookin cute hanging out! I swear I was there but not in the pics of course, I am always behind the camera instead getting these great shots.
Say HI!!

Helping CB in his big floaty.

His lips are purple. lol

This is the HUGE ball. Josh tried to jump onto it from the top of the rocks and bounced off. He was so funny. He kept saying it hurt, but tried it again and again about 3 more times.

Here he goes again!!!

Getting late, her pool looks so pretty I had to get these next two shots!

Next year we will all be swimming at our house, the pool replastering was finished today and now to fill it! Yay! The kids are so excited.

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