Saturday, April 18, 2009


I decided to keep Tori home on Friday since she got hit on Thursday...She needed a little R&R. We got up early and met Mom down at my friend Nikki's shop. "Hissyfits" She has cute things for cheap!

Then went to a few more vintage shops, home decor shops, looking for anything and everything! I ended up buying a bunny plaque for next Easter 50% off. I also got a really cute planter at a shop for 70% off. What deals right?

On the way home I told the kids we could go to the Doll Museum in downtown Phx. We made it through in about 30 minutes since it's not very big and they enjoyed it alot. Outside we took photos.

I love Heritage Square it's so pretty and very green there. My friend Kori's resturant was right there but she wasn't in. "The Rose and Crown" had a few people eating lunch...We will have to go out again there for drinks very soon!

We got home around 5 and the kids were tired, it was fun running around and a little hot! Tori said it was much better than going to school. Mama says OUCH to the 100$ I spent!! :)

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