Saturday, March 21, 2009


Ok, so late last night at 10 till 12:00 Gil asked me if I wanted to run to the store to get the Twilight movie (Blue Ray.) I was going to wait until the morning but quickly changed my mind and I thought it would be fun to see how many people would also be out for it! So we left the kiddies in bed and went to ZIA records on Mill Ave. We don't think they were allowed to sell the Blue Ray copies because of licensing purposes but thankfully they had about 10 copies. There were about 20 people in that little shop and outside waiting (that's alot for ZIA)....we walked in, walked out...stopped for beer and went home to watch it! We stayed up till after 2:00am.

I will also be watching it when my Mom and Uncle Jason come to watch it with us around 1:00. YAY! I can watch all I want now, and I have two versions of the DVD so the kids can also watch it in my truck. So cool.


  1. So JEALOUS!!! I have it on my list for blockbuster and I'm sure I'll be waiting a long time for it to be available. :)

  2. PS.. love your new blog look!