Thursday, March 12, 2009


So in the beginning we were noticing that Twilight was NOT coming out on Blue Ray. Gilbert goes to a Blue Ray website where they tell you all of the upcoming and new releases that are formatted for Blue Ray. Twilight was not on the list. :(

Of course I will still watch it on regular DVD but the Blue Ray would have been SOO much nicer. To see Edward in the BEST quality. I wonder if he would look any hotter? Hmmm. :)
So, last night I was watching American Idol and a commercial came out for the release of Twilight on Blue Ray!!!! Get it at Best Buy....I was soooo excited. I will be there getting it and I think my Mom is coming over that night to watch it with us!
I cannot wait. Finally I can replay it over and over...I already know it by heart and can recite the words. hehe :)

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