Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I stole this idea from my friend Tina's blog. I am going to try it myself. I am a little late, but 365 days is still 365 days no matter when you start! So here are her details:

Project 365
This is interesting. Can I do it? I don't know.. but I will try!
Basically, I must take a photo everyday this year (yes, everyday) which kinda is an easy thing for me anyway since I am a camera/picture freak!

1) bring your camera everywhere
2) start
flickr or some other photo sharing site that you can create a slideshow. (I will try but not good at slideshows, maybe I will have to ask my Sis.)
3) Vary themes (food, kids, objects, YOU.)
4) Tell a story behind photo
5) Don't stop, no matter what (we will see how long I can last.)

I can do it!

Thanks Tina for this wonderful idea!

So here is my first picture. Yes, I took it of my own book. I am a little late reading this series also (lol), but I haven't seen the movies either...


  1. YEAH!!! Your going to love the book! :) Love your new blog design. ;)

  2. You're silly! You have the same background....did you steal mine?

    The book is good! I am on about chapter 4. I will tell you more later!