Thursday, January 15, 2009

HAPPY BIRTHDAY~~A note to Mirella on her Birthday.

I cannot believe it was 16 years ago today that I gave birth to you. It was the happiest day of my life. I know the science of your development, how you morphed from tiny winged embryo to an amazing young lady that you are today. We waited 9 long months to see if you were even a girl or a boy. I wanted a girl so bad and there you were! All 10 fingers and toes, perfect in every way and I have to say a VERY beautiful baby! (I know everyone says this) but it was true this day for sure. I was given an Angel from Heaven.

You have made my life wonderful in so many ways.....Still, you amaze me, you stump me, you humble me. Every night you would sleep, counting breaths, marveling at your long lashes, the dreams that make you smile and coo. From your cute little laugh, your sweet and tiny voice, many magical birthdays that Mommy somehow always went over the top for, you have always been the sweetest and most thoughtful person! You are such a great inspriation to us all. We are so proud at all you have done and accomplished in these 16 years! WOW! I can't believe that still, 16???

Some memories of mine I will never lose~ I have some awesome stories behind them all!!~

Many sleepness nights and breastfeeding you
Scared of Chuck E. Cheese at your first birthday party
Two different socks to bring luck to the Phx Suns
Barney and Friends everyday!
On the computer at 16 months
Wardrobe was bigger than mine at birth
Pretty Brown Eyed Girl
Mad at me for two days when you started Kindergarten
Dressing in the dog shirt until you were 12-13??
Outrageous outfits you would come up with
First Kiss, Crush Dominic in Kindergarten
Dad dancing you to sleep as a baby
Bumble Ball
1st day of dance
1st sleepover (I had to pick you up early)
Car for Birthday
Sleeping in your own room at 5
Your Weenie dog
Potty training your Sister
First Heartbreak
First HUGE mess up (wasn't this just a few weeks ago) :)

And many more....too many to count or write about. I will leave them where they are safe and tucked away in my memories.

And so, my dearest daughter, on the anniversary of my most memorable afternoon, I salute you. May these next 100 years bring you many discoveries, may you feel loved and cherished by your big, crazy family. May you keep that wonder, that fearlessness that inspires you to live your life to the fullest! I know you will.....

Love, Mommy

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  1. What a great letter. She is always going to love this. Her pictures are so cute. She is a beautiful girl. Congratulations!