Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Tori is so excited to be apart of the Tempe Dance Academy. It has taught her so much in the short 8 months she has been there. Dancing 2 1/2 years at Victoria's Dance showed her some small dance routines, and a few good workouts. But I didn't see her improving on any skills like I thought she should be.
I am so grateful to Patti (my cousin) for referring us to Tempe Dance. She has learned more in 8 months then all her time at the other studio. My little girl really can shake her tail feather!
Already she performed in The Nutcracker Ballet and then in March she will also be performing with the school in Disneyland. What an honor....this is our fave place in the world and now she will perform there!
Rehersals started 2 weeks ago, and she will do 2 dances, opening act, and finale, she can't wait for the day!
It will be Spring Break for the kids and although we were just there in October for our yearly trip, we will all go again! FUN! We are going to make this a twice a year thing now, I guess! But for a more special reason this time.
We are so proud of you Tori! Keep up all of your hard work.

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