Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I took this earlier tonight of my little Son's first day at dance class. He was going to start on Saturday and then we found out that day it was cancelled. He was totally bummed that we HAD to wait until Tuesday. You would not believe the excitement he showed today a few hours before class started. He was asking me every half and hour "When does my class start?"
We drove there and all he could talk about was dance with Tori......His teacher took him in for the hour (closed the doors so I couldn't watch) and when it was over she said he was just great! He caught on fast and did the combos almost right on the money.

She wants to do private lessons for awhile to get him caught up with the others in the class, but she beamed at how good he was, how fast he caught on, and how super cute he is. (her words)

She saw what we all have seen in Christian since about birth, he is a dancer, has rhythm, loves the music, it's in his blood! I was so proud of him doing such a good job, and all on his first day!
(he is the smallest and youngest) :)

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  1. He was awesome, and so, so, cute!!! He definetly is a little star.