Thursday, December 11, 2008

6 ways to LOWER your Electric Bill!!

#1...Change Filters Regularly-
Your air conditioner and/or heating unit have filters that clean the air as it goes into the machine. The motor on your ac/heat unit is meant to pull air through one layer of filter, not a filter plus a layer of built-up who-knows-what on top of it. A dirty filter makes the unit have to work harder, and that takes more energy. Changing your filter every month will not only conserve that energy now, but it will also reduce wear and tear on the motor, keeping you from needing to buy a new one as soon.

#2...Use Lids When You Cook-
Another way to reduce the load on your AC/heating motor is to keep the steam from cooking inside the pots by using a lid. That steam is pulled out of the air as it goes through the unit, making it work harder. Also, letting all that heat out makes the stove have to work longer and harder to finish cooking, wasting even more energy.

#3...Fix Drips-
Those little drips can mean big bills! Not only are you wasting water, but your pump is working extra to replace that water, and if it's dripping hot water, your hot water heater is working extra too.

#4...Turn Off Lights-
You'll be amazed at how much difference in your bill this can make. Get in the habit of turning off lights as you leave a room. If you can't get everyone in the house to get in this habit, think about investing in motion sensors that will turn off lights automatically once the room is empty. They're well worth the money they'll save.

#5...Stop Drafts-
Take a stick of incense, or a sheet of cling wrap near the edges of your doors and windows to look for drafts. Install weather-stripping to correct any bad seals and keep in the air you're paying to heat or cool.

#6...Fill'er Up-
Wait to run the dishwasher, clothes washer and clothes dryer when you have a full load to do. Doing a small load today and a small load tomorrow cost twice as much as waiting to do one big load tomorrow.

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