Thursday, June 26, 2008

Why do people love me so much?

I have fallen in love with the idea that so many people wish they were me........

I really wish people would get their own lives and leave me alone. I have a stalker still that seems to mimic my every move.
I have alot of friends who keep me in the loop about HER (that's what we will call her.) She seems to keep following me and even setting her website to my boutique name so she can up herself in the searches!

WOW! Can we say desperate to be me?

Or is it as successful as me? Whatever the case may be, I know where this person lives, phone number, name and all. The next step if she doesn't comply and take my name off her site, will be a call or a letter from my lawyer. Since my name has an LLC behind it and a trademark, she will finally be busted!

WOW! A piece of me hopes that happens. It did to the other HER about a year ago.

Karma is real and what goes around comes around! For Sure!


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